Süperyacht Paint Applications

“High quality surface by fairing and last coat painting”

Karma Yat Teknik has been founded in the year 2003 by Erdinc Sezer, Naval Architect (BSc.) and specialised to make professional coating applications in a specific field of “Superyacht fairing & finishing”.

Karma Yat Teknik aims to achieve the best quality by strictly following the paint manufacturers specifications. We are making our own quality control during the production and reporting every step. Furthermore, our assistance during the production will help you finishing high quality surface by fairing and last coat painting without any problem and delay. We are sure that the quality of our job will add to your yachts value and prestige.

We also offer you consultancy and following services for any stage of yacht painting;

  • Paint condition assessment and reporting.
  • Preparation of application specs and contracts.
  • Consultancy for choosing the right product and system.

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Continuing Projects

MY Rüya41 mt RefitKRM YachtsALEXSEAL

Completed Projects

MY Belle Isle27 mt RefitMarmaris Yat MarinaAwlgrip+Jotun2020
MY M5541 mt NBYıldız TersanesiIP+Awlgrip2020
SY Grace128ft NBHoek NB SES Deniz araçlarıAWLGRIP2020
SY Nazenin V52 mt RefitRMK ShipyardAWLGRIP2019
MY Sunrise43,5 MT NBYıldız TersanesiAWLGRIP2019
SY Extreme40 mt NBMengi Yay-Yacht MarineJOTUN2018
MY Lady Jade40 mt refitALIA ShipyardJOTUN2018
MY Cipitouba34 mt refitALIA ShipyardDUPONT2017
MY Serenitas II32 mt NBMengi YayJOTUN2017
MY Samurai60 mt NBALIA ShipyardIP+ALEXSEAL2016
SY 60 Years45mt NBRoyal DenizcilikJOTUN+DUPONT2016
MY FADLALLAH38 mt refitRMK ShipyardJOTUN2016
SY Piropo IV46 mt refitYıldız Shipyard/PeriniJOTUN2015
MY Serenitas32 mt NBMengi Yay-Yacht MarineJOTUN2015
MY Reina-pol32 mt refitMengi YayINTERNATIONAL2014
SY Penelope(Oyster)30mt NBRMK TersanesiAWL-GRIP2012
MY Serenity II40mt refitYacht MarineJOTUN2012
SY 60 Years45mt NBRoyal DenizcilikIP-AWL-GRIP2012
MY Karia45mt NBRMK TersanesiAWL-GRIP2011
MY Jangada(LittleFish)40mt refitRMK TersanesiAWL-GRIP2010
MY Capri58mt refitDunya YachtsAWL-GRIP2010
SY NazeninV52mt NBRMK TersanesiAWL-GRIP2009
MY FortyLove40mt refitRMK TersanesiAWL-GRIP2009
MY Dejatoo52mt refitDunya YachtsAWL-GRIP2009
MY LetItBe42mt refitPalmaliJOTUN2008
MY DreamOn38mt NBSoyaslan YachtsINTERNATIONAL2007
SY Melite24mt NBNereids YachtsJOTUN2007
MY Cornelia34mt NBRMK TersanesiINTERNATIONAL2006
MY Atlant28mt refitRMK TersanesiJOTUN2006
MY Galactica28mt refitUrsa TersanesiJOTUN2005
MY CameleonB42mt refitRMK TersanesiAWL-GRIP2005
MY TalismanC54mt NBProteksan TersanesiAWL-GRIP2005
MY Petara58mt NBProteksan TersanesiAWL-GRIP2005
MY Blue MoonOfEast28mt refitUrsa TersanesiJOTUN2004