Tekne Kapatma Sistemleri

Boat Covering Systems

With shrink wrap covered scaffolding systems, you will decide finishing date of the project NOT weather conditions

In order to protect your valuable equipments from environmental effects; cover or store them internally with shrink wrap.
Shrink wrap material contains high amount of UV protector, high quality and durable covering compounds. Heating application with special gun stretches shrink wrap and provides tight covering around your valuable stuff. It is not effected by wind and does not scratches things covered such as linoleum, etc.
Various size, color, thickness Shrink Wrap is available and right type material is chosen for the project. Every length and shape structures, machineries, equipments, boats and vehicles can be covered with Shrink Wrap.

Shrink Wrap commonly use areas;

  • Storing, Boat Wintering: Shrink Wrap is an ideal solution for short or long term storage purposes for marine, aviation, construction and industry applications. It provides long term storage availability on an open land so eleminates warehouse costs.

  • Transportation : Shrink wrap provides products not to be effected due to bad conditions during transportation and prevents them getting dirty.

  • Closed space erection : Using Shrink wrap and scaffolding systems together allow working area of new building or repair boats to be covered partly or completely. Scaffolding covered with Shrink wrap protects the area from outside effects (rain, snow, dust and wind, etc) as well as spray paints, sand blasting from other working areas.

As Karma Yacht Technical Company we are providing following services;

Creating secure closed spaces fast and economically by covering around scaffolding with Shrink wrap material
Scaffolding erection and renting services throughout Turkiye in order to create safe and reliable working space according to latest safety regulations.
Ventilation and heating systems erection and renting services for working spaces throughout Turkiye

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